Renal Fellow Network Survey
This survey is intended to help the Renal Fellow Network (RFN) better understand both the demographics of the RFN audience and how to better serve those who visit the site. This survey has 15 minutes and should take about 2 minutes to complete.

Your responses are anonymous and all questions are optional. If you have questions or concerns please send an email to
1. Which of the following designations best describes you?
2. What country are you currently located in?
3. How valuable do you think Renal Fellow Network is as an educational resource?
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4. Please indicate which RFN series have been impactful on your nephrology learning . Check all that apply.
5. How likely are you to use Renal Fellow Network to teach others?
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6. How likely are you to recommend Renal Fellow Network to others?
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7. How easy is it to navigate the the website and content of Renal Fellow Network?
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8. How often do you check Renal Fellow Network?
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9. How true is the followings statement, "The content on Renal Fellow Network has led to positive changes in my clinical practice"?
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10. How interested are you in a career in nephrology because of your use of Renal Fellow Network?
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11. Are you currently subscribed to the Renal Fellow Network email mailing list?
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12. How often would you like to receive emails from Renal Fellow Network?
13. Please share any comments, suggestions, or thoughts on Renal Fellow Network.
14. What is your age?
15. What is your gender?
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