The Playhouse Project Questionnaire
The Furman Playhouse Project is an opportunity to spread awareness about the 50-year-old “temporary theatre building” of Furman University by highlighting the good work and good people that studied here. Through this site, alumni of the Furman University Theatre Arts Department share memories through the style of letters about what made Furman and The Playhouse memorable and familial. Despite the lack of a new theatre building, Furman Theatre majors have made great progress as artists and people after college. Lawyers, costume designers, and more have emerged from these tins walls and this building has helped humble them into exceptional individuals.

Started by Furman Theatre alumnus, Patrick Fretwell, we're asking you to contribute to The Playhouse Project. Share your story with us!
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How did the Theatre Arts Department shape your life now? Or how did your experience in the Furman Theatre shape you into an artist? *
What is one of your favorite personal memories as a Theatre Arts student in The Playhouse? *
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