MCSS Mini-Grant Proposals
MCSS seeks proposals from educators who require funding to develop special projects and activities relating to the goals and objectives of social studies education such as curriculum development, classroom materials, or evaluation tools. Grants of up to $300 will be awarded to proposals that best meet the requirements and criteria listed below.

Proposals should include the following information: Title of the Project, Description of the Project Goal(s), Timeline of procedures and activities, Participants, Budget,Short-term plan for project evaluation and collection of data to show impact on student learning.

Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:
--Project will impact elementary, middle, or high school students' learning in the content and skills of social studies.
--Project demonstrates creative and engaging techniques to teach social studies.
--Project is clearly aligned to the 2011 Minnesota Social Studies Standards.
--Participants' commitment to present the project at the MCSS Spring Conference.
--Availability of funds designated by MCSS during the fiscal year July 1-June 30.

Please note that grant application approval will be discussed at the next MCSS Board of Directors Meeting (August, November, January and March.)

Mini-grants are intended to fund new projects, and may not be used to fund ongoing programs, the regular purchase of classroom supplies, or teacher stipends. Contact Emma Ryan with questions
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Describe the funding budget for this project. Include the sources for any additional funding you may seek for this project. *
How will you evaluate the success of this project? What data will you collect to show the impact of this project on student learning? *
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