Zink: Ban or Penalty Appeals
Appeal a ban, mute, gag, or any other penalty you received on the server.

Things to Know
• You may only post an appeal only for yourself. You are not allowed to appeal on anyone else's behalf, unless told to do so by a Staff member.
• Please use English to the best of your ability. (Low effort applications such as "plz unban me" or "omg the staff here sucks" will be ignored.)
• Failure to do any of the above may lead to the rejection of the appeal.
• We may choose to accept or reject your appeal for any reason.
Email *
Name *
Your commonly used in-game name or Steam name
Server *
The server or service the penalty took place on
Penalty *
Your penalty: Ban, mute, voice gag, or other (explain)
Appeal *
Why you believe that your penalty should be lifted
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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