Request to join the Chime Phakme Nyingtik Drupchen - May 2019
As indicated on the Lerab Ling website page: this event is only open to qualified Vajrayana students. So please help us know a little bit more about your path before we confirm your registration to this event.
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Do you consider that you have a firm grounding in the practice of Vajrayana preliminaries (ngöndro), which includes having received all the ngöndro teachings, up to and including guru yoga, as well as having accumulated at least 25% of the ngöndro? *
Have you received a Vajrayana empowerment before? *
Are you aware of the specific Vajrayana precepts (samaya)? *
Have you received instructions for sadhana practice, including a basic understanding of the view, meditation and conduct of the Vajrayana and its main key principles? Which ones? *
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Are you aware that to participate in this drupchen you will be receiving the Chime Pakme Nyingtik empowerment from Neten Chokling Rinpoche, and will need to uphold its commitments for the rest of your life? *
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