APA Volunteer Log 2022-2023
THANK YOU for supporting HB Academy for The Performing Arts/APA (via APA office help, auditions, back to school/parent meetings etc), and EEFA (via Walk for the Arts, fundraising efforts), and/or any of our APA Department Guilds (Theatre/Acting, Dramatic Production, Costume, Technical Theatre, Musical Theatre, MMET-Pop, MMET-Media, Orchestra/Band and Dance). Please log ALL of your (and your family member's) valuable volunteer hours on this form, as often as you like, once you have completed tasks. Typical hours include time spent at Guild meetings (Guild Board members should also include their hours planning and implementing Guild business), working all of our wonderful shows/events, fundraisers, tech dinners, double tech dinners, instructor help - truly EVERYTHING you do (and we know it's a LOT) is appreciated and all of it counts! Keeping track of volunteer hours is essential to keeping EEFA (the Educational Enrichment Foundation for the Arts, the 501(c)(3) charity/non-profit partner for APA), in good standing as a public charity. As you know, we ask that every family volunteer a minimum of 25 hours per student, per school year, in any capacity you choose (note: if you have multiple APA students, we adjust those hours for each additional student - email me for details). THANK YOU! If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me directly, I am here to help: Danielle Chatt, APA Volunteer Coordinator auntiebobo@live.com or text me 714-330-6712
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