HiDE User Agreement 

This is the HiDE user agreement, once you fill out the user agreement you will receive a free copy of the interview form in your email. 

The HiDE diagnostic interview is available for use free of charge by those agreeing to the following terms:
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1. I agree not to use the measure for financial profit.
2. I agree not to distribute the measure to others outside of my research group or organization.
3. I agree to cite the main results of the manuscript listed below when describing the measure or its use in publications or other media:

Teo, A. R., Horie, K., Kurahara, K., & Kato, T. A. (2023). The Hikikomori Diagnostic Evaluation (hide): A proposal for a structured assessment of pathological social withdrawal. World Psychiatry22(3), 478–479. https://doi.org/10.1002/wps.21123 

4. What is the primary reason(s) you are interested in the HiDE?
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