Maple Festival Tug of War Entry Form
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Prizes: 1st - $500  2nd - $300  3rd - $100


Teams are to consist of members (and one coach or captain if required, if not part of the team) not to exceed a 1200 lb team weight limit.

No spiked or cleated footwear is allowed.

No gloves may be worn.

The Anchorman will loop rope around one shoulder to secure the rope. No knot is permitted on the rope end.

Teams will be reminded of the rules prior to the beginning of competition, through the instruction of chairman. Only team captains may consult with the judge and the judge’s decision is final.

Direction of pull will be decided by the toss of a coin. Teams will flip sides after the 1st pull, for the 2nd pull. If the 3rd pull is needed, sides will be decided by coin toss.

Second and third pulls shall be done immediately after the first pull.

Prior to beginning the pull, the judge will order teams to “pick up the rope” Then the judge will ask captains if they are ready, then give the command to “take the strain”. At this point the team members may heel in and the rope will become tight. When teams are balanced, and centered over the starting mark, the judge’s order to “pull” is given, and the pull (also known as “tie”) has commenced with the sound of the judge’s whistle.

Two warnings of infringements of the rules or inappropriate behavior, including foul language, will be given. A further warning will result in disqualification (DQ).

Two DQs will result in a forfeit of match and of the event.
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