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Thank you for supporting Pennsylvania solar!
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Letter to Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Dear Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection:

We the undersigned strongly support the rapid expansion of solar generation in Pennsylvania. The DOE-funded project "Finding Pennsylvania’s Solar Future" rightly considers the input of a wide range of stakeholders and allows for broad public comment as it seeks to plan do-able strategies for expanding solar in Pennsylvania. We support this approach and the report’s findings. Notably,

1) We agree that Pennsylvania’s infrastructure, supply chains and markets are ready and able to utilize the sun’s free and clean fuel at much greater level than today. There is no reason that the project’s goal of 10% solar energy by 2030 cannot be met, and greatly exceeded.

2) We especially support strategies that would implement carbon pricing, that are highly mindful of land use issues, and that seek to engage those that may not be able to benefit directly from tax credits (for example, churches, schools, non-profits, fixed- and low-income families).

3) We prefer distributed generation to grid-scale, but appreciate the necessity and value of well-sited large solar and support a long-term contract strategy that would provide the certainty necessary for grid-scale investment. We highly recommend strategies that would allow all Pennsylvania rate payers to “shop” for generation from solar resources sited in Pennsylvania.

4) In the interest of expanding distributed solar generation, we strongly support strategies that would advance virtual net metering; utilize clear and well-designed ratemaking to encourage energy conservation, efficiency and solar generation; and address all aspects of interconnection issues to ensure safety and reliability at the lowest possible cost.

5) Climate change is bearing down on the world and Pennsylvania. We are on the path to climate crisis but it can be avoided if we take steps now to rapidly reduce and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. While we certainly support the "Finding Pennsylvania’s Solar Future" project goal of 10% solar by 2030, we place our emphasis on the word “by.” We believe the strategies proposed in this report should be seen as crucial initial steps in the right direction. This project’s value in the long run will be the extent that it sets into motion the dynamics for quickly moving all of Pennsylvania to 100% renewable energy.


"Finding Pennsylvania’s Solar Future" is a federal-funded DOE SunShot project led by the state DEP Energy Programs Office. The project aims to increase solar generation in Pennsylvania by identifying solar development and investment strategies. For 18 months, the project has held meetings and webinars involving a wide range of 500 stakeholders. On July 7. 2018, a draft plan of this project’s work to date was published for public review and comment. The comment period closes August 20. (The MAREA form closes on the 18th, to allow time to compile and submit.)

Use link below to access full report, "Finding Pennsylvania’s Solar Future Plan - draft."

Individual comments may be submitted electronically here,

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