What do you want to know about the craft, business, or theory of writing?
Every year, Writing Excuses takes different aspects of craft and dives into it for fifteen minutes. Coming up on our Fifteenth Season, we've realized that while we aren't very smart, our listeners are. We're constantly impressed by the depth of your knowledge and your passion for writing.

So for our Fifteenth Season, we're going to let you guide our conversation.

Rather than waiting to ask your questions, ask them now and we'll use those questions to structure the season in 2020.

Tell us what you've been struggling with, or what you wish we would talk about. Ask us about things that you are curious about. Hit us with the thorny theoretical question that you keep chewing around in your head.

(Note: we're asking for your email address in case we have a follow-up question to your question, but no one will see those except us.)
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