In response to the prevailing uncertainties due to COVID-19, we are organising volunteers to support people in need. The purpose of this form is for Wesley International Congregation Members (City & Ryde Congregations) to submit request for a physical need for themselves or on behalf of someone else in the congregation. The needs we are addressing at this stage are 1)prayer 2)pastoral visit 3)grocery 4)meals. Please email if clarifications are needed.
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1. Information About You
The following questions relate to information about you, the person lodging the need to Wesley International Congregation Church.
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1.2 Which congregation do you currently attend *
1.3 Preferred contact method *
1.4 Email
1.5 Phone number (mobile or home phone)
1.6 Best time to contact you if we need to?
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1.7 Who is in need? *
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