Angle Grinder Safety Quiz
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What are the dangers when using a angle grinder *
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Most injuries caused by the grinder are from metal particles or dust becoming lodged into the users eyes?
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What personal equipment should be worn when operating the portable disc grinder
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what special precautions need to be adhered to when using wire wheel
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what is the sequence followed when grinding
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select and attach proper wheel
secure materials
check for and warn bystanders
position guard
scan area for flammables
allow grinder to spin up to full speed
insure sparks are directed away from you, bystanders and equipment
When operating the portable disc grinder the grinding disk should be positioned so the sparks and grit are thrown____
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what is the proper angle when using an abrasive wheel on a flat piece of material
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Grinding with the angle grinder should not occur in an area which_____
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When the portable disc grinder is laid down it should be positioned______
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Why is it only necessary to snug the disk lock nut when the disc is replaced?
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You should only hold the angle grinder with one hand on grinder and one on the material. *
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If you see someone using equipment in an unsafe way you should
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Material should be well secured when grinding
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What should you ensure before using the Angle Grinder
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The Grinder Disk should be spinning full speed before making contact with the material being ground or cut
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When gauging the compatibility between a grinder’s RPM and a grinding wheel’s RPM, remember:
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