Winter New Moons Circles Workshop
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Our full workshop includes all the offerings for three months' time. Wellness routines require consistency, to bring healthy new habits on board: whether emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, or all of the above! We encourage the three moons' program because creating new healthy habits requires consistency, and would be happy to welcome you into our sacred circle for as much as you are comfortable with! Please see our offerings below and make your choice. One Moon Cycle Includes: -a 2-hour LIVE Group ZOOM community sacred circle - Magic moon supply box shipped to your door! - 1:1 60-minute health & wellness coaching call with Lynell - 24/7 Access to Lynell via Voxer - Access to Private Facebook Group VALUE = $235 Sign-up for 1 moon cycle for 39% off ($144) Sign-up for 3 moon cycles for 55% off ($333) Drop-in option: Sacred Circle (suggested donation of $55)... Which do you prefer? *
We can accept payment through Venmo, Zelle, or a personal check. The link will be sent out after receipt, on the day of the circle. *Which do you prefer? *
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Thank you. Welcome to our growing community basket of beautiful spirits sharing sacred space and time. We are so glad you are here! (*please ask any additional questions below)
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