mish (Mill Shell) User Feedback
Thanks for trying out mish, the Mill Shell (https://github.com/windmilleng/mish).

This is a small Windmill product experiment. Your feedback will help us to make developer tools cloud-based, simple, and easy. We don't entirely know what that means yet! We're still building it.
You and Your Project
Before we ask about your experience using mish, tell us what you were using it FOR. Note: these Qs are specifically about the project(s) you were developing while testing out mish.
What does it do? *
Tell us briefly what you were hacking on — including language(s) and framework(s).
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What tools do you use? *
What tools do you (normally) use to develop this project? We're talking text editor/IDE, any testing or CI services, and anything else that seems relevant.
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Overall Impressions
So, what did you think??
How easy was it to get up and running with mish? *
Impossible, I gave up
A breeze, I was getting useful feedback right out of the box!
How frequently did you change your Millfile while working? *
LOL my what?
About as frequently as I changed what part of the code I was working on
How did you like working in Mill (our configuration language)? *
What is this nonsense? Give me back my YAML.
It's so easy and intuitive!
How distracting/disruptive was mish? *
I didn't even notice it
Huh? Sorry, I got distracted by mish.
Episode IV: Return of the Shell
We want to know when mish wasn't quite what you needed and you reverted to your regular shell.
When did you use your shell instead of mish? What about these commands didn’t work in mish? *
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What was the most painful thing about mish?
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Looking Towards the Future
How can we make better tooling for developers and the world? This may mean improving mish, or this may mean throwing out that project and starting something entirely new!
What would make mish more useful for you?
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How likely are you to recommend mish to a friend or colleague? *
Nah man.
OMG everyone should use this!
How would you describe mish?
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Any other feedback for us?
We want to hear your thoughts!
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Keep In Touch!
All of the following information is optional, but if you want to keep in touch, tell us how to find you.
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