Emerging Biodiversity Monitoring Technology and Methods
The Task 4.2 team at EuropBON is currently collecting expert opinions on novel and emerging technologies and methods to improve biodiversity monitoring efficacy for Europe. Your answers from this survey will serve as the foundation for our upcoming thematic workshop session discussions. Each submission of this form will pertain to one technology or method. Please feel free to submit multiple times if you know of more than one.

*In accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulation, entering your name and contact information to the workshop organisers is optional.
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What is the target biodiversity metric of this method/technology? (if any)
If possible, what is the cost estimate for the instruments and apparatus related to this method?
Please state units and currency, e.g. cost per sample, per instrument/device, per hour of sampling
What are the advantages to this technology/method for biodiversity monitoring relative to conventional/current methods? *
What are potential challenges to implementing this technology/method for biodiversity monitoring? *
Can this method or technology be scaled? What is still needed to make that possible? *
If relevant, please also describe the type of scaling the method can accommodate (i.e., temporal scale, spatial extent, resolution, biological level [individuals, populations, communities])
Has this been validated against existing methodologies/protocols? *
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