Computer Science & Engineering

The Computer Science and Engineering program provides the B.S. degree in computer science. Computer science majors take at least a 46-hour sequence of computer science courses and take additional courses in an area of concentration. The concentration of study augments the computer science courses and is a specialization in which the student can apply his or her knowledge of computers. Five concentrations are available: Software Systems, Scientific Applications, Computer Engineering, Information Security and Assurance, and UTeach.

Students entering UTC who intend to major in Computer Science should be enrolled as pre-majors. For admissions to the Computer Science program, pre-majors must have completed MATH 1720 and CPSC 1100 with minimum grades of C. Only after meeting the course completion requirements or obtaining a written waive from the Computer Science and Engineering department head will students be allowed to change their major to any of the Computer Science concentrations.

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