eBook Discovery $1.99 & Above eZine: Submission Form
Use this form to submit your book for consideration in eBook Discovery's $1.99 & Above weekly eZine.

*** New Release Titles Welcome *** (sales links may be provided at a later date)

To qualify, your book must be priced OR sale-priced between $1.99 and $3.99 DURING the promotion.

If you have a Free or 99c book, submit to our Special Offer: https://rebrand.ly/SpecialOfferSubmissionForm

If you have a Free, 99c, or Perma-free book, submit to our Daily eZine: https://rebrand.ly/DailyeZineSubmission

Please Note: eBook Discovery does not accept Poetry, Children's books, or Erotica. All eBook Discovery decisions are final. If you are not sure if your book fits into one of these categories, email us at info@ebookdiscovery.com and we will take a quick look.

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