Roswell Arts Fund Artist Marketplace Application
Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Artist Marketplace! The Marketplace allows local artisans to sell their handmade products and services through the RAF website.

* Who can sell on the Marketplace?
Artists who live or work within 30 miles of Roswell, GA are invited to participate

* What can be sold on the Marketplace?
• Handcrafted or handmade items
• Prints, photographs and digital downloads
• Private instructional classes or lessons (Via online platform or in-person) from sectors of the Creative Economy

* What is not allowed on Marketplace?
• Anything stolen or plagiarized. Artists must create their own work.
• Mature content.
• Anything that promotes, supports or glorifies violence or hate.
• Hazardous or dangerous items.
• Illegal items or anything promoting illegal activities.
Please note: RAF reserves the right to remove any products that do not fit within our requirements.

QUESTIONS? Contact Becky Kile,

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