Community of Joy Day Camp 2019
Hello! Thank you for registering your child for Community of Joy's Day Camp.

If you have multiple children to register please enter the first child and submit. On the next screen follow the link to return to this page and register the next child.

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Parent/Guardian Consent
By registering my child I hereby give permission for my child to attend an Inspiration Point Day Camp and designate Day Camp officials to act on my behalf in authorizing routine and/or emergency medical care. I also agree to hold harmless Lutheran Brethren Bible Camp, Inc. and the host church for any and all claims for injuries, causes for action, or liability related to the Day Camp facilities or activities. I give Day Camp officials authority in matters of discipline, understanding that any camper disregarding Day Camp rules is subject to being sent home. I further authorize Inspiration Point and the host church to use photos or video taken of my child at Day Camp for promotional purposes.
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