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PEC's Center for Digital Inclusion and Technology offers pop-up computer labs for various events and occasions. We bring a set of easy-to-use technology devices such as tablets or netbooks for general use by event participants and information about our programing. In some instances, we also provide digital literacy instruction on the devices.
If you are interested in having a pop-up lab at your event, please complete this form at least two weeks in advance of the event. We accommodate as many requests as we can within the limits of our resources.
Organization Information
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Name of Event *
Primary Contact Person *
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Event Information
When is the event? *
What time does the event end? *
What is the expected attendance of the event? *
Please provide a brief description of the event. Include the purpose of the event, other activities, etc. *
We recommend one table for every three devices. Can you provide tables for our devices? *
(e.g. for twelve devices, we recommend four tables)
How will the pop-up lab enhance the event? *
Is the event indoors or outside? *
What is the location of the event? *
Will an electrical outlet be easily accessible from the planned location of the pop-up lab? *
Devices Requested
Please consider the amount of space needed. We recommend one table for three devices, so a lab can quickly require a large amount of space.
How many devices are you requesting? *
CDIT requests an additional table devoted to information about free digital literacy programs, low-cost internet options, and other PEC services. *
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