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You have the right to expect to be out of harm’s way from any physical, sexual, psychological, emotional or other abuse. You have the right to be informed about safety issues at the facilities such as where the fire extinguishers are, or emergency response procedures. You have the right to expect to be free from any type of restraining device or be locked in a room. You will not be deprived of food or sleep or be forced to do any meaningless or degrading work.

INDIVIDUAL expression
You reserve the right to make appropriate requests, reasonable refusal of service/treatment or medication and to exercise your legal rights. You have the right to keep and use your personal property as long as it is not dangerous or disruptive to others. You are entitled to express and practice your spiritual and religious beliefs. If you need support from staff in doing so, please don’t hesitate to speak with a staff person to explain how we could help you.

You may review your own file and record in the presence of program staff and on the program grounds. You should expect your records to be kept confidential, with the exception of legal or ethical requirements which govern us to release. More information about confidentiality, such as when it must be broken, is given later in this handbook.

You are important and you matter. You should expect to be treated fairly and regarded in a professional manner. You have the right to have interactions with staff and other clients that are free from belittling or discriminatory remarked about you or your family. We ask that you help us ensure this right to all program participants by refraining from making belittling or discriminatory remarks about other people and/or their families.

FAIRNESS without discrimination
Regardless of who you are, in all that makes you an individual, you have the right to be treated with dignity without prejudices or penalties. You are entitled to a fair complaint process.

You are entitled to clear written and oral communication. You have the right to understand any rules, procedures, services, requests, expectations and responsibilities. If there are things that are keeping you from understanding such as language, or the way something is written, please let a staff person know and we will work with you to make sure you feel comfortable with the information. You have the right to have it explained ti you what factors would cause you to be removed from the program, and how that would occur if that were to happen.

ACCESS to legal counsel
If you have an attorney you can speak with them whenever you want and privately if you’d like. You can also contact an attorney of the court if you do not currently have an attorney who represents you.

PARTICIPATION in your own services
You can be present, treated fairly and allowed to participate in any planning or review of your services. When the service plan is reviewed by signing off on it this means that you agree to do your part in achieving the goals set. You can also request a review. You have the right to refuse to participate in any research studies without having to worry about to negatively affecting your services in any way.

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