NMSS Parent Survey

New Millennium Secondary School would like to here from you. Our school is working to improve the quality of education for students and, as a student, your experience and ideas about our school is very important to us. Please spend 15 minutes filling out this survey.
The survey does not ask for your name. Your answers will be grouped with similar answers from other parents/guardians. New Millennium Secondary School will publish a summary of the results as long as 80% of parents/guardians respond. We hope you will share your experiences and idea with us.
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    Get parents involved.
    Communicates with parents about what is happening at school.
    The teachers listen to my ideas about my student's education.
    NMSS makes me feel welcomed.
    The teachers appreciate parent involvement.
    The teachers care about my student.
    The teachers know and understand my student’s individual needs.
    The teachers expect my student to learn and achieve at a high level.
    All students are respected and treated fairly by the teachers at NMSS.
    NMSS sets clear rules for student behavior and discipline fairly.
    The over all quality of teaching at NMSS is good and challenges my student.
    I support and discuss the discipline policy of the school with my student.
    I understand that this school is an early-college high school that requires all students to attend a college course before graduating.
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    Use Power School to monitor students grades and attendance.
    Give privileges as a reward for good grades.
    Talk about your student’s grades.
    Help with homework.
    Talk about how your student can improve school work.
    Contact your student’s teacher(s) about how he/she is doing.
    Talk about why school subjects are important for everyday life.
    Go to school activities or meetings (e.g., sporting events, dances, parent workshops).
    Talk about things that are troubling your student.
    Talk about job or career possibilities.
    Encourage your student to take responsibility for getting schoolwork done on time.
    Encourage your student to take more challenging courses, including college-level courses available at the NMSS.
    Talk about going to college.
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