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Out-Of-District Transportation Information
In order for us to plan bus schedules and routes effectively and in a timely manner for the coming year, please indicate your intentions for busing and submit this form to NRCS Transportation by Friday, June 15, 2018.

The North Ridgeville City School District will generally provide busing with the resources we have available for non-public students in grades K-8 following the same rules and regulations as public students and in accordance with Ohio ODE guidelines. In the event North Ridgeville City School District Closes we do not offer transportation services.

According to NRCS Board Policy, we must have at least 10 students from your school committed to using North Ridgeville School Transportation to/from school on a daily basis, no later than June 15, 2018, without exception in order for routes to be finalized. If there are less than 10 students after June 15, 2018 deadline, no bus service will be provided for the 2018-2019 school year and you would then be entitled to Pupil In-Lieu of Transportation reimbursement.

However, if a bus is provided to your school because you have the required number of students, and if you do not take advantage of the service, then no reimbursement will be paid. If at any time during the school year attendance falls below 10 students, the service may be discontinued, in which case you could claim reimbursement for the remainder of the year. We can only offer the service at the start of the school year so routes can be planned and stops and times established. The tentative arrangements are:
Students for the above schools would be picked-up on North Ridgeville School buses at designated stops in their home areas. They will be transported to one of the North Ridgeville City Schools to board shuttle buses to their respective schools. Tentative pick-up times in the morning could be as early at 6:15 AM depending on the number of students, where they live, and what time your school starts in the morning. More information will follow about the PM routes once numbers are in.

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