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MTA is a 12 month program during which, we’re  going to show you how to Launch Your Course in the Next 30 Days, how to deliver, delight and graduate your students successfully, how to debrief and re-tool your marketing, how to list build with those right fit people and launch again, creating a cycle of continued growth, mastery and easier launches, so you can make more, be more, and do more of what God’s put in your heart to do for yourself, your family and the kingdom.

You will get the support, tools and templates to create an amazing offer, launch faster, and with confidence, grow your reach, income and impact while honoring God, using your gifts for his glory and reclaiming your time for the other priorities in your life.

By the end of the 12 mo program we expect MTA members to have launched 2-4 times and have created a system for consistent business list growth and ease when launching.

We accept a limited number of students into the program each quarter through this application process. Please submit the form as step 1 below and if accepted, a team member will follow up with step 2.

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If selected, the next step is a call with our coaching team to provide answers to your questions and be sure you're a right fit for the program. There is no charge for a meeting with our coaches. They are AMAZING and looking forward to providing you great value. However, we do pay them for their time whether or not you come to the call, so will you agree to make your appointment a priority and not ghost us?
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