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You are invited to our orientation on Saturday September 17th from 9 AM - 10 AM, EST and 4 PM Kenya Time 1 PM in Ghana. Visit us at www.hbiu.org Sign up for the class https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSesHaoHFvJ27kCuJs0GkmqL7LJRbnoGAxCgBqhlFXyWGL82cQ/viewform Join Zoom Meeting https://us06web.zoom.us/j/419496354... Meeting ID: 419 496 354 Passcode: 565964
Scholarships are provided to lower your tuition WhatApp +8608309778 call direct in the USA. Classes are on zoom 1 day each week, students from different country will be given an opportunity for a 3 to 6 month internship program in the US after completing the course.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN 24 MONTHS Everything you need to know about the music industry , Music production, MB 901 Synchronizing Layering MB 902 Mixing, mastering MB 903 Ear training, MB 904 Music Theory MB 905 Music foundation MB 906 Beats bars and Tempo making beat MB 910 Foundations of sounds MB 911 Arrangement and session views MB 912 Simplifier drum track MB 913 Dynamic processing and EQ MB 914 Lauren logic, Ableton and FL Studio MB 915 choose the instrument that you want to play, example bass guitar, Drums, piano, saxophone etc. weekly lessons are provided MB101 History of the Music Industry MB102 Managers, Agents, and Attorneys MB103 Dimensional Success in Music industry MB104 Digital Revolution MB105 Copyrights Basic MBIO6 Money Matters in Music / Publishing / Streaming MB107 Creativity in Content and Artistry MB108 Building Your Image – Who Are You? MB109 Producing the Record / Recording Agreement/ MB110 Marketing Music in the New Economy MB111 Management Team MB112 Today Music Business MB 113 Elective Counseling those in the Entertainment Industry

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