New updates : YOU choose what you want to happen
First, I want to thank you for being wonderful.
Second, we need to make few changes so all of you be happy.
FAUCETS, as you all know, go through a difficult time. All ad networks accept them for few days to test and then reject because the traffic not converting.
We lost Cointraffic , and coinzilla reduced the CPM to 50% .
This things also happened on shortners with whom we "collaborate". They reduced the CPM with up to 40% . The result you can view in bonus links rewards .

We need to make a fast change on BTX withdraw , because members with big balances withdraw good amounts of BTX so fast and members with small amounts dont have time to get the withdraws.

So we need , even to convert BTX to BTC and you can withdraw anytime OR to set a daily limit ONLY for BTX withdraws.
I recommend the convert, but you are the most important and we will do the way you vote .

Please note, after we convert BTX to BTC, the BTX withdraws come back to normal.

Convert BTX to BTC or withdraw daily limit for BTX *
Our members are very important, so we try to keep in mind all the suggestions! If you have any idea/suggestion, you are free to share with us!
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