Matt Brown Event in the MCLT - Ticket Sales
It's first come, first served!

If your child you would like to attend the exciting Matt Brown event at 11:25 in the MCLT (Michael Cowen Lecture Theatre) please fill in the following details and we will charge your ticket price to your school bill. We will have a copy of your order on the door at the event, so you don't need to remember to bring the confirmation email. If you do NOT receive a confirmation email, please contact to check that your order has been placed successfully.

Please note that once we have sold all pre-sale tickets, this form will stop accepting responses and a note will appear on the Dragon Sale website page stating that all tickets have been sold. A small number of tickets will be held back for sales on the day, so even if you do not manage to buy tickets beforehand, it is still worth coming to the MCLT before the event start time to try to buy any remaining tickets.
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Preferably the number of the MOBILE you will have with you at the Dragon Sale (for Emergency purposes if you are leaving your child at the event).
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Tickets are £5 each. Please note that if you wish to attend the event with your child you will also need to purchase a ticket. Please state the TOTAL NUMBER of tickets you wish to buy (the number of tickets x the cost per ticket (£5) will then be the total cost of tickets that will be charged for, e.g. if you write 2, this will be 2 individual tickets (2 x £5) and you will be charged £10 on your child's school bill).
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Your child's Pupil Code IN CAPITALS here: *
This is normally the first 4 letters of their surname and then their first 2 initials (e.g. John Robert Smith = SMITJR). To ensure you have the correct pupil code you can find it on a previous school bill, but we will also check it for you.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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