LuxPhotoStyling-Body Measurements
To achieve an ideal fit, please use a soft measuring tape, also known as a tailor's tape, for this step. This is an essential part of the process, so please do not skip it. Complete the form below to begin.

If you do not have a soft measuring tape on hand, you can easily acquire one from popular retailers like Target, Walmart, or Amazon. Ensuring the accuracy and honesty of your measurements is crucial to achieving a perfect fit for your wardrobe. Your precision in measuring will be the foundation for a flawless appearance in your final edited images. Therefore, please take your measurements with care and accuracy.

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Please email a current Clean Face Head Shot.  Please stand in front of a window with soft daylight like the example below ( you would face the window and your cellphone is facing you.)  It's best if it's current so that the hair and makeup artist can see your hair and skin tones and be prepared for your shoot day.
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Please email a current straight-on photo of you in your underwear or in a bikini.  See the example below.  This helps the stylist have a clearer idea of your body shape and which outfits will be more flattering for you.
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