Thank you for taking the time out to inquire about our wonderful mission trip to Haiti. Each year the journey gets better and we explore a lot more as a surprise to you and to open your mindset about the country, food, people and the economic welfare. Do you know that you are valuable to the country as we bring in 20% of the income as visitors and supporters. The monetary that is coming in from us is the only way that the people can survive and recycle the transaction.

We are super delighted as you will be safe and if you decide to bring a friend or two they will be enjoy the journey even more. We are currently accepting volunteers starting at the age of 15 but must be accompanied with an adult or biological parent. High School and College Students will receive volunteers hours and a student discount by showing us proof of school photo ID and a current transcripts or grades. One must be in great health and have people skills as we focus on children and elderly majority of the mission. There is no skill set needed as you will be given a task to complete and interact with the kids in playing games and reading plus more.

You can register as a back up for 2020 and to let you become aware that the list is full. We have maxed out on our volunteers this year due to us exploring Africa and the Virgin Islands as an addition to Haiti. You are welcome to register for 2021 if you are sure you are attending the mission as there is a $250.00 deposit that is non refundable nor transferable as this will be applied to your international flight. Click the link pay now and we will send you a confirmation. If you attended the years before you will receive a discount. The total price is $1,400.00 you are welcome to pay installments until the expiration date on your receipt. Includes: International Flight, Contribution, Excursion, Lodging, Breakfast, T-Shirt, Transportation & Tourist fee. Must have a valid Passport or a Visa - to travel to Haiti. No immunization shots is required: If you want to donate funds, please click the button or email
If you have additional question, please ask?
Mission is fulfilling and the joy of hope on these kids faces...2018
2018 Was so explosive and we can not wait for you to attend.
We rock in 2017 so we are waiting on 2020 ...
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