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The Transport Working Group (TWG) in collaboration with the Regional Platform of LEDS GP for the Latin American and the Caribbean region seeks to build and consolidate a community of resilient and low-carbon-emissions transport in the region, providing support to champions and innovators, engaging with a network of experts in low-carbon-emissions and exploring opportunities to collaboration at the local and regional level.

Under the umbrella of LEDS LAC and LEDS GP, the Communities of Practise (CoP) are space for collaboration between groups of experts and professionals who attend in-person or virtual gatherings to exchange knowledge and strengthen their capaicties around a particular issue. The TWG has two CoP:
(i) Electric Mobility
(ii) Clean Logistics

This platform offers services to its members to the working groups and communities of practice, including:

A- Direct technical assistance to countries and local governments
The work of the group may generate an opportunity for, and/or nurture from, bilateral support through the Service of Climate Helpdesk, and other partners programmes, providing technical assistance.

B- Group Work (CoP)
The core of the CoP is the joint work of the group, facilitated by LEDS LAC in collaboration with institutional partners from the LEDS GP work groups as well as others.

C- Knowledge dissemination
The learnings from the CoP are shared with the members of LEDS LAC and the general public through webinars, sessions at regional events, reports, case studies and other means.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the TWG, please continue to the next section where you will be asked your contact information and other details useful for programming activities and gatherings based on your professional, sectorial or institutional interests.
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