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In 2022, I will record lessons for on-demand play, but I will continue to offer some weekly live events. Let me know in this survey what you prefer.


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Storytelling Lessons from Masters
This begins with a one-month series analyzing four episodes of the early Simpsons to understand the fundamentals of story craft. It can then expand into many genres.
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Drawing Lessons from Heinrich Kley
Humans, horses, animals, creatures, stories, characters... Everything this amazing draftsman mastered except for pen & ink technique, which we can save for a separate series.
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Pen & Ink: Materials and Techniques
Lots of lessons, mostly from illustrators of the golden age, and the various sklls they brought to mastery of this medium.
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Artistic Anatomy: Human & Animal Comparisons
We collect images of animal and human bodies. I analyze their anatomy, extract drawing lessons. Then, in response to the lessons, we draw in class.
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Bridgman Hands, Bridgman Drapery, Muybridge Body & Motion Studies…
This option offers single topics one month at a time so that we can study them deeply with four-week commitments.
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Composition Lessons from Cinematographers
We collect movie shots from film history, then study them for both their formal compositions and their roles in the story.
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Weekly or monthly reports on books with review, commentary, comparisons, and added insights for artists. Either monthly with me alone, or weekly with a rotating forum of mavens.
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Concept Artist Demos and Q&A
Some of my friends make their livings as concept artists for film, animation, and game industries. If you want four weeks at a time with me hosting pros who demo, let me know.
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