Training Form I
Watch the (2) training videos, respond below for your (7) reflections, & take the (1) leadership self-evaluation.
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Below is the link to Video 1. Fill out your answers to the reflection exercises below.
Video 1 Reflection Exercises:
Pause 1 : If you have a leadership title (e.g. the church says you’re a leader), but you do not influence others, are you still a leader? Why? *
Pause 2: Describe your influence from the standpoint of your place at CAYA. *
Pause 3: What could you take initiative with from the things listed above? What interpretive, relational, & implemental skills would be involved? *
Video 2 Pre-Test: Use the link below to download a leadership assessment test. Add your top 3 and bottom 3 below.
Here is the link to Video 2!
Video 2 Reflection Exercises:
Pause 1: Write your top 3 and bottom 3 leadership attributes, gathering your answers from the masculine/feminine leadership spectrum. (*Reminder: both sides of the spectrum are essential for leadership & no one is limited to one side of the spectrum) *
Pause 2: Which 2 of the top 4 Leadership Laws do you do well? How can you improve on them? *
Pause 3: Pick 2 of the Organizational Frames that appeal to you and write down why. *
Pause 4: (Re: Addition) Do you add or subtract from others under your influence? (Re: Magnetism) If you are who you attract, what would you like to be then? (Re: The Lid) How would you increase your leadership in order to increase your impact on the people around you? *
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