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The purpose of this feedback form is to get your views on the format and content of workshop, with a view to refining the material to meet the needs of the participants, to the maximum extent possible.
Select the response that most closely reflects your feeling on the statement made.
Please use the free text space to help us improve the final programme material from this pilot delivery.
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The overall flow of the workshop was well structured to meet the learning outcomes and to produce the required outputs. *
The size and timing of the workshop were sufficient to enable meaningful discussion of the required topics. *
The room and facilities were adequate to meet the requirements of the workshop. *
The instructors were adequately prepared in advance of the workshop. *
The purpose of the workshop (why it is being carried out) was clear. *
The objectives/ expected outputs of the workshop were achieved *
The individual exercises/case studies were relevant to achieving the objectives/ expected outcomes of the work. *
The workshop materials provided were useful and provided valuable information. *
Please indicate briefly any ways in which the workshop could be improved.
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