Compers Survey 2018
Do you love comping?

Please complete this survey - results will be shared on Di Coke's blog at It should take about 5-10 minutes and responses are anonymous (you don't need to answer every question!)

Thank you for your time!
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How long have you been comping? *
How much time on average do you spend comping each week? *
How many competitions on average do you enter each week?
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On average, how many prizes do you win each month? *
On average, what value of prizes do you win each month? *
What type of competitions do you enter? *
What device(s) do you use for comping? *
How often do you visit these competition websites? *
Money Saving Expert
The PrizeFinder
Competition Database
Compers News / Chatterbox forum
Latest Deals
Hot UK Deals
Which social media platform do you prefer to enter competitions on? *
Do you pay for a competition service? *
Are you happy to buy a product you wouldn’t usually buy, for the chance to win a prize? *
Would you prefer to enter a prize draw: *
Have you ever contacted the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) to complain about a prize promotion?
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Have you ever had to chase up a missing prize? *
Which recent prize promotions have you enjoyed and why?
Which recent promotions have you NOT enjoyed and why?
Have you had any particularly good or bad experiences with promoters?
What would be your dream competition format and prizes?
Any other comments?
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