Apply for Staff
Here you can apply for becoming a staff member on the EcoSurvival minecraft server. As of 1/29/2018, we will not be accepting any applications, but we will reserve the applications that are sent until we need a new member. The first section will include a standard survey and the second section will include the actual application.
Please fill out the survey of two questions below before starting your application.
What is your in-game name? *
What do you like most about the server? *
What would you improve about the server? *
Staff Application
Thank you for filling out the survey. It helps the admins to improve the server and continue to do what it does best.
What is your real first name? *
What is your Discord ID? *
How old are you? *
Which staff member would most likely recommend a staff position for you? *
Do you agree to all the rules as listed on and agree to enforce them on the Discord, website, and server? *
Some tips before submitting
Thank you for considering to apply for a staff position! Something we as a team really look for is activity, maturity, and leadership. The more we see you active on the website, discord, and server, the more possibility there is for us to accept you! Usually we look for people who have been on the server for 4+ weeks, have knowledge of all the rules, interact with staff a decent amount, and have more than 10 posts on the forums. These are subject to change and aren't concrete, but if you fulfill all of them you're more likely to be accepted into the staff team.
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