Sift: Call for submissions
Who we are
Sift is a news therapy app designed to cultivate a healthier relationship to news. Sift empowers readers to pause, reflect, and expand their perspectives on complex topics. We don’t report the news; we put it in context.

Sift peels back layers of complexity using data visualizations, interactive "check-ins," and direct access to sources. Our goal is to help users contextualize and process the news by unpacking complex topics away from an overwhelming breaking news cycle.

Sift is a project within All Turtles, a global startup that develops practical AI products to solve pressing, meaningful problems with emerging technology.

What we're looking for
Sift is seeking experienced journalists to collaborate with our designers and editors on our first series on the following topics:
- Immigration
- Climate change
- Education (specifically affirmative action/discrimination)
- Guns
- Healthcare
- Media literacy/misinformation

We'll explore these topics through two types of tracks: 1) where we are and how did we get here? (overview/historical context), and 2) where can we go from here? What is a conversation we should be having that we're not?

For example, within the topic of U.S. immigration, a track might focus on the economic effects of immigration or the complexity of defining identity in the U.S., or immigration policy reform.

What we’re not looking for: Feature storytelling. For now, we are focused on cultivating a more nuanced understanding of complicated issues.

Pitches are accepted on a rolling basis until 2/8. We're moving fast, so early submission is appreciated. If you have any questions, email

How to pitch us
1. Download “Sift News Therapy” in the Apple app store and review our pilot tracks to get a sense of Sift's style:

2. Write a 300-500 word pitch that answers the following questions:

- What topic will you address and which track will you tackle?
- What is the narrative arc of your "story"?
- What context is missing in the current conversation? Propose a new framework for understanding the issue. What aren’t people talking about? What assumptions and biases should be challenged?
- What sources will you use?
- Do you have any preliminary thoughts on how Sift’s interactive storytelling can help facilitate a deeper understanding of the topic?

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