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After using the Alberta Tomorrow Simulator, do you have a better understanding of how climate change is affecting Alberta? *
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On a scale of 1-10, 10 being most, how much has using Alberta Tomorrow changed your outlook on the future of Alberta *
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a great deal
What is one thing you will do to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions? *
How much will your behaviour change as a result of using Alberta Tomorrow? *
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Will you share what you learned with others? *
Probably not
Yes, with everyone I know
What did you like about using Alberta Tomorrow? *
How would you rate the educational value of the Alberta Tomorrow? *
Not very educational :(
Super cool!
 List at least  2  WOWS you got from using the Alberta Tomorrow Simulator. What surprised you? What was really difficult to do? How will this impact your actions/expectations/wants? *
What is your overall rating of the Alberta Tomorrow? *
not engaging:(
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If you had a presentation from someone from Alberta Tomorrow, how would you rate the presentation? *
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