SEKLS Strategic Plan Questionnaire
This information will be shared anonymously with the Strategic Planning Committee. 
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What do you value about SEKLS and the services we provide? Where do you think the System excels? What are the most impactful SEKLS services? (

What SEKLS services do you use regularly?
Which services do you rarely or never use?
How do you find our processes for grants, allocation, competitive grants, etc.? Do you find the grants user-friendly? How do you find our reporting requirements?

What do you think are the most important strategic issues facing SEKLS? What needs to be on your radar screen as you look to the future?

What are your hopes for your organization? What are your hopes for the System?

Please select the top three people at SEKLS you work with regularly.

What compelling issues are you facing? How might SEKLS help you? 

What trends do you see impacting libraries?
SWOT Analysis - Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
What do you view to be our strengths?
What do you view to be our weaknesses?
What do you view to be opportunities for the System?
What do you view to be threats to libraries and/or the System?
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