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Please fill out this form to get you or your student signed up at the Uptown Music Collective for the UMC Program.  This form provides us basic contact information for communication and enrollment purposes.  All this information is held privately by our Admissions Director.
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First and Last Name of Student: *
First and Last Name of Parent/Guardian/ Contact: *
If you are filling this out for your child or someone under 18 years old, please list the student's parent/guardian in this space.  If you are over 18 years old and filling this form out for yourself, please list an emergency contact in this space.
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Student's Current Age: *
Student's Date of Birth (MM/DD/YR): *
Student Ethnicity *
This information is only used for demographics about the school for grants and fundraising.
Student's Address: *
Please list your street/mail box number, street name, city/town of residence, state and zip code.  Please use the student's primary address.
What county does the student reside in?
This information is only used for demographics about the school for grants and fundraising.
Student's Home Phone #: *
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Student's Cell Phone #: (If applicable) *
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Student's Email Address: *
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What school does the student attend? (If applicable) *
What instrument do you wish to receive lessons on?
Please select 1.  If you are interested in lessons on multiple instruments, please explain this in the "Questions or Comments" section at the bottom.
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What are your preferred days and times for private lessons? *
The Uptown Music Collective teaches private lessons Monday-Saturday.  Days and times available for lessons depends on teacher availability.
Do you have any previous experience with that instrument? If so, how much? *
What styles of music do you listen to? *
Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Alternative or list Artists
What type of enrollment are you interested in? *
Primarily the Uptown Music Collective offers 30 minute private lessons. 60 minute private lessons are available if the teacher has space in their schedule. Students enrolled for private lessons can also take 1 class and 2 workshops at no additional charge, as long as they enroll during an enrollment period. If the student enrolls after an enrollment period closes,  the student will only be allowed to enroll for private lessons.  The student will have to wait until the next enrollment period opens to enroll for classes and/or workshops.
Does the student have any health or learning issues that we need to be aware of?
Ex: Allergies, disorders, medical conditions, etc.
I hereby give my consent to the Uptown Music Collective to use photos and videos (including live streams) of my child for publicity and promotional purposes. *
Questions or Comments?
Please list and questions you might have and they will be answered in the Admission Director's response.
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