Resume Consultations + Add On's
[UPDATE FEB 24, 2018 We're changing it to an online course, please sign up below to be on the wait list where I'll email instructions for it when it opens again! Goal is it opens about 10-15 slots at the start of every month.]

Hey there, Justine here, and thanks for thinking about signing up. You'll be receiving an email with instructions on how we'll proceed after turning this in, and yea, super excited to be working with you!

So far, I've sent 2 people to Erasmus, 3 to masters programs abroad, 2 on JTA, 1 on an internship abroad, and more than 50+ to jobs and internships here in Manila. Suffice to say, you're in good hands. The success rate is 100% for Go-Getter and above, I do not guarantee success to those who get the lowest package, I only guarantee that places will call you back.

Payments are done via bank deposit. If you have any other questions or concerns, email to sort it out.

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