Squad Leader
Word on the street is you’re in for the Wave and being a life changing, Jesus loving, rockstar Squad Leader!!!!!

The best Squad Leaders are mature Christians, like the ones Paul describes in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. In addition, you’ll want to have a genuine desire to invest in students. Because you will spend a lot of time, as in all of your time, with students.

Other qualities we look for in Squad leaders: someone who isn’t easily flustered, someone who will communicate well with students’ parents, someone who will be flexible when plans change and decisive when students are at a stalemate.

Finally, great Squad leaders know it’s a big deal for parents to trust us with their kids. They don’t take that responsibility lightly, and they work hard to make sure students have fun and stay safe.

This means that if being a Squad Leader is the best next step for you, following after Jesus NOW is essential. Taking time with Jesus on a regular basis and making Him first in your life builds a foundation to point teens to Jesus at the Wave. For this reason we ask Squad leaders to fill out this Interest Form as the first step to the application process so we can help you know if this is your best next step.

As you fill out this Interest Form use this as an opportunity to process with Jesus about being a Squad Leader at the Wave 2020.

Process to apply to be a Squad Leader:
Step One
Fill out Squad Leader Interest Form
*Once you fill this out you will be contacted to meet! Did someone say coffee?!?!?!
This will be after we contact your reference.

Step Two
Set up an interview with a Small Group Coach
If you have been given the YES that being a Squad Leader is your next best step then proceed to Step 3.

Step Three
Fill out Squad Leader Application and pay the $75 Squad Leader fee at torchchurch.church/the-wave
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Describe your time with Jesus.
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How often during a week do you spend time with Jesus?
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How has Jesus changed you this past year?
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What's one step you need to take between now and the Wave to continue to make Jesus first in your life?
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Who is a character reference for you? (Someone in your life whom you are accountable to with your next steps towards Jesus?)
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What's your character reference cell number so we can follow up with them?
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