Party In The Park Attendee Survey 2018
As we look to the future and ways to enhance our visitor experiences, as part of Remarkable Lake County, OH, we are asking for your feedback. In partnership with the Lake County Visitors Bureau, we are gathering information to help us evaluate, prepare, and enhance future events. Circle your answers.
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1. Home City
1. Home State
1. Zip Code
2. Have you previously attended Party In The Park?
3. How many hours did you spend at today’s event?
4. How did you learn of this event? (Check all that apply)
5. Was attending Party In The Park Fest the primary purpose for visiting Lake County?
6. Including yourself, how many were in your party?
7. Including yourself, what are the ages of your party? (Check all that apply)
8. Estimate how much money was spent while attending this year’s event.
9. What social media do you use most often?
10. What is your gender?
11. How many people are in your household?
12. What is your racial background?
13. While in Lake County, which have you experienced or plan to experience? (Check all that apply)
14. While attending the event, did you stay overnight in Lake County?
15. If yes, how many nights did you stay?
16. If yes, where were your accommodations?
17. What is your perception of Lake County? (Check all that apply)
18. Are you familiar with the Remarkable Lake County, OH brand?
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