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Hi there!

We're creating cutting edge stories through dance and theater on film and we'd love you to be a part of it!

Back in March of 2020, as a response to the shelter in place orders, we decided to kick off a dance video project where dancers could work virtually together.

20 Dancers from up and down the West Coast came together to make Dancing Together Apart the Exquisite Corpse, created by passing the video from choreographer to choreographer, and resulting in a film that not only reflects the historic reality of the pandemic but also visuals from the Black Lives Matter Movement.  

If you haven't seen that finished film yet, go check it out now! At http://www.dancingtogetherapart.org.

If you don't know me, Holly Shaw, and heard about this through a friend, then they sent this to you because they think you are

1. Super duper talented and creative and will make a great addition to the project and
2. They know you're responsible and follow up with your stuff!


Who's ready to join me for the next dance project, Sleeping Beauties' Dreams? Here's the requirements for this one:

DREAM JOURNAL - keep a dream journal that you record your actual sleeping dreams in (notebook, voice memo, drawings, whatever works for you)

DANCE JOURNAL - have a dance habit a few days a week (could be 20 min here or there, it's ok if it's not a ton, it just needs to be pretty regular) and take video snippets of your new dance sketches as you go

SHARE YOUR DANCE - in this private FB group at least once a week, just a snippet here or there.  

SHARE YOUR DREAMS - in this private FB group some way or another once a week.  I know dreams are highly personal so it's really up to you what or how much you want to share.

STARTING IN FEBRUARY SUBMIT WEEKLY SHOT ASSIGNMENTS - we'll get started with some regular dancing and dreaming this month, and then February I'll give you weekly assignments of shots you'll need to film and submit of yourself in high def.  If you need a refresher of the shots we'll be doing, I've linked to the Script in the comments below. You will submit the dance scene LAST as I'm imagining this will be crafted throughout the exploration of your regular dance habit and Dance Journal.

Kick off - NOW! We'll start posting our dance videos as soon as next week or even today if you wanna! Project End Date: Spring Equinox with a release of the final film in April 2021

There is definitely something in this project that is priestess like - a bunch of women dancing and dreaming together, sleeping beauties going into the under'dream'world - the outside world waking up -

So whaddya say? Dancing and Dreaming anyone?

Interested in joining us?  Start by sharing your email address here:

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If we haven't met yet, pleased to meet you!  My name is Holly Shaw and I'm a creativity coach/researcher, author, and dancer (I was a professional flamenco and contemporary dancer for 15 years - FUN FACT: Back in 2011, I did a whole 365Dances project where I made a dance every day for a year and posted videos made with my iPhone which is still up on the internet, lol)  If you want to know me more just Google me or find me at performersandcreatorslab.com.                                                                                        
In this case, I've been directing and facilitating this new virtual dance company along with my friend an co-collaborator, Kimeiko Rae Vision.
Kimeiko Rae Vision: Professional Intuitive, a Women’s Business Coach, Amateur Brain Scientist, Lively Event Emcee and... a Nightly Shower Singer. FUN FACT: Often referred to as a “Court Jester” offering her community a good, healing laugh, Kimeiko believes in the power of using mythology & storytelling,  parables & analogies, faith & lore, as well as the fine arts, to tackle real world problems. Find her on Instagram: @AngelWarriorVision
We're in charge of facilitating, editing, directing, working with music composers and your basic logistical communications.  But make no mistake, this group of dancers works COLLABORATIVELY.  Opinions, suggestions, ideas are encouraged and welcomed.  We are pleased to work with a number of professional dancers as well as amateur dancers who are highly artistically skilled in other areas.  We encourage everyone who participates in Dancing Together Apart to share their VOICE and be heard.  Still with us? Ready to go?  All righty then! Please answer the following questions to connect with us and then I'll add you to the private Facebook Group where you'll get more information about how to start working with us! THANK YOU!
Your name (as you would like it to appear on the website/marketing public facing for any project) *
Cell phone number (where Holly can reach you by text) *
Where are you located? (city/state) *
Do you know Holly personally? If not, what's the name of your friend who invited you to this project? *
Do you have access to an iPhone 7 or better? If you have an Android, does it take great video? 1080p? *
Do you happen to own or have access to a GoPro Camera?  Not a requirement at this time though we are considering going this route at some point. *
Your Biography - If you don't have one yet, then just tell me about yourself and your history with dance in 100-250 words. We'll circle back and get it all polished later. *
Do you agree to make sure that Holly gets a finished bio and a professional quality photo in time to promote any final product you're in? *
COMMUNICATION is super key to making this virtual dance company happen. It's up to you to post in the private FB group every week and check in on the posts there to see what's new. It will be important once we start shooting - filming different parts of the piece - that you check there for the assignment, work on it, and turn it in on time. This is important so that we can keep the momentum of the project moving. Do you agree that you'll do your best to communicate with Holly and the rest of the group in a timely manner? *
CONFIDENTIALITY will help us for the great unveiling at the end of any project we do. Do you agree to not share any unfinished parts of the video (yours or others') until we have completed the entire project and sent it out to everyone? *
Anything else we should know about you? Any questions or concerns that we haven't answered? *
Thank you for taking the time to join this project! Here's what happens next:
Once I've reviewed your responses, I'll add you to the private Facebook group and you should receive an email sometime in the next couple of days which includes all the requirements of the project.    Thanks so much!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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