Can you Survive?
Do you have answers to the most basic survival questions?
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What's the single most important thing you need to survive in the wild?
What do lush vegetation and swarming insects often indicate?
Why should you melt snow or ice before drinking it?
If you're facing the sun at noon in the Northern Hemisphere, walking toward it will take you in what direction?
Which of the following does not provide clues to help orient you toward true north?
How do you know when the bright side of the moon is in the west?
Why should you try to avoid sleeping directly on the ground?
It's a good idea to build your shelter near what?
If you're looking for insects to eat, which ones should you avoid?
Which of the following isn't a method used to start a fire without a match?
Using the simple snare, how should you measure the size of the noose?
Which of these wild berries are safe when ripe and cooked, but can cause nausea when eaten off of the bush?
What type of food or beverages should you AVOID in cases of hypothermia?
An insect diet can actually save your life by providing you with which of these much-needed bodily sources of energy?
Insect larvae contains a lot of protein. Where are the best places to find these insect eggs?
Which insect is the most popular edible insect in the world?
What feature of the snake is used to determine if the snake is venomous?
How can you determine the distance of an oncoming storm?
Which symptom below does NOT indicate hypothermia?
Which symptom determines if you are experiencing severe dehydration?
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