BCC Instrument Hire
Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Please read through the following conditions of hire and fill out the form to commence your instrument hire. Once you have submitted this form, please contact the College Office on 49228300 to organise bond payment of the $100.

Conditions of hire:

1. The conditions of hire remain in force until the instrument is returned in good condition, or until a new agreement is signed.
2. Any instrument hired for 12 months or more will require proof of recent (within 2 months) professional service to the instrument on return of the instrument in order for the bond to be returned.
3. Instruments must be returned at the end of each academic year unless a new agreement is entered into for the following year.
4. The hire agreement cannot be transferred between third parties. If a student leaves the College or wishes to discontinue playing the instrument, it must be returned to the College in good condition to receive a refund of the Bond.
5. You, the hirer, are responsible for all maintenance and repair work. All maintenance and/or repair work must be approved by the College prior to work being undertaken.
6. You, the hirer, are responsible for loss, theft, negligence and willful damage of the instrument(s). The College reserves the right to claim and be indemnified by you for all damages, costs and other related expenses, whether or not caused by you or the student.
7. Although the instrument will be insured by the College any excess is to be met by you.
8. The hired instrument is your responsibility until the instrument has been accepted back in good condition by the College.
9. Each hire is reviewed after 6 months and the hirer has the option to continue the hire, cease the hire or purchase the instrument. If you choose to continue the hire, you will be required to pay a $50 hire fee for the current year as well as $50 per year after that. The instrument purchase price is available from the Creative Arts Coordinator.

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