Kotiteatteri Presents: In the Living Room
How wonderful that you would like to invite our performance to your living room! 🌸

We are looking for living rooms in the area of Pirkanmaa to host our performance in August 2022.
With this form, you can suggest your living room and invite us to your home.
We are looking for homes in the area of Tampere for week 31, since the performance will be part of the Tampere Theater Festival. For week 32, we are looking for homes in the whole area of Pirkanmaa.

Please take your time to consider the practicalities while filling this form. If something is unclear, please ask us. We take care of the homes that we are performing in to the best of our abilities, and will discuss issues around liability before the performances. The performance will be free of charge for those hosting us in their living rooms, but there will also be audience paying for their tickets to the show.

Or work group will come to meet the hosts of the home one day before the show and set a dance pole in the living room. The day of the performance we will need to rehearse in the space. We will also need the kitchen a little bit and bathrooms also for the audience.

The duration of the performance is 1,5 hours. After that we will need some time to take down the pole and clean up. The timing for our use of the living room can be negotiated with us.

The application for August 2022 living rooms will end on May 22th at 16:07. We will also consider applications that arrive late, if possible  πŸ€—

Please notice that to some questions you can choose multiple answers.

For more info, please contact

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We would need to use the kitchen for making coffee and baking pulla in the oven, if possible. *
Even though we love pets, we would need an allergy safe space for the performance. *
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