HackOverflow Hack Week Workshop: Deep Dive into EternalBlue
Hosted by Applied Cybersecurity
Thursday, April 12 @ 7 PM - 8 PM
Cubberley 205A

Boba and collectible pin provided.

Intrigued by hacking and eager to learn about the tools hackers utilize from an ethical standpoint? Curious about how the ransomware attacks from last spring worked? Come learn about the vulnerability that allowed this malware to spread. See how simple it is to run the exploit and learn about the ethical responsibilities that come with easy access to tools like this!

Kate and Colleen discuss the remote code execution vulnerability addressed in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010, which affected the Microsoft Server Message Block 1.0 (SMBv1). They will describe how requests could be crafted that were handled incorrectly by SMBv1 servers. There will also be a brief demonstration of the exploit using metasploit to gain the ability to execute code on a remote server.

This talk will include concepts such as buffer and integer overflows, but will be accessible to people with only 106 backgrounds. Kate and Colleen are both undergraduates and members of the Applied Cybersecurity leadership team.

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