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Our volunteer dispatchers are integral to delivering the greatest patient care and are a critical part of every emergency call. Join us today and see what a difference each Hatzalah dispatcher makes!

Training will include a thorough review of Hatzalah dispatch protocols for taking an emergency call and dispatching responders, from EMTs and Paramedics to Police and Fire. Dispatch candidates will learn how to use the CAD (computer aided dispatch), two-way radio, and phone systems. Basic computer fluency is required in order to dispatch. All dispatchers will be CPR trained at the Healthcare Provider level. You will receive additional training on relevant halachot, with a focus on shifts during Shabbat and Yom Tov.

Initial training will take place during a 2-hour class. Upon successful completion, candidates will observe tenured dispatchers and practice taking and dispatching simulated and actual calls. This component of the training is flexible, based upon your availability. Once competency is demonstrated across all areas of dispatch, the candidate will be promoted to dispatcher with the ability to take solo shifts.

A typical shift is 3 hours. The dispatcher must be on stand-by for the duration of their shift. This means being near your assigned Hatzalah phone and two-way radio (within a distance that you can answer the call on the first ring) and attend to the call immediately without delay or reluctance. This is a significant obligation and we want to ensure that you are aware of the commitment and requirement involved.

The overnight hours will be divided into two shifts (11 pm – 3 am and 3 am – 7 am, subject to change based on feedback from the dispatchers.) Each volunteer will commit to at least one overnight shift a month, although an inability to do so will not disqualify you from volunteering. During an overnight shift, volunteers are required to stay awake and follow all regular protocols for a dispatch shift.

Dispatching can be done from the comfort of your home, provided you have a) a high-speed internet connection and b) a computer. If you do not have a computer, one will be provided.

Prior medical training and experience - EMT, Paramedic, RN, MD/DO - is preferred. The dispatcher must be able to multitask, remain calm and focused in stressful situations, be responsible and committed, and maintain strict confidentiality.

Once we receive your application, we will acknowledge receipt. If we believe you are a good fit for the position, we will contact you to arrange an interview. If accepted, we will notify you within two weeks. Acceptance/rejection is at the sole discretion of the organization’s leadership.

Please email any questions or comments to info@hatzalahwol.org
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