Shopping Market Research
Thank you for taking the time to complete this quick survey. All questions are optional, and your answers are anonymous.
Where are your top 3 favorite places to shop for these products right now, and why?
How often do you shop at the following retailers?
Opening Ceremony (RIP)
Totokaelo (RIP)
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How would you rank the importance of the following factors when you are shopping for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products?
1 (lowest importance)
2 (average importance)
3 (highest importance)
Price and/or Shipping Cost
Product Design & Selection
Ethics & Values
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How important is sustainability to you in purchase decisions?
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How important is diversity to you in purchase decisions?
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Are you interested in purchasing more products from brands founded by people of color (POC)?
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(If Yes) - Are you currently using any specific resources or websites to find and purchase from POC-owned brands? Have you encountered any difficulties or barriers in your attempts?
(If No) - Please share any thoughts or opinions
Would you be interested in shopping at an e-commerce retailer that exclusively stocks brands founded by people of color? (can select multiple)
Do you have any favorite POC-owned brands that you would want to see featured?
Would you be willing to chat more about these questions over the phone?
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If you would like to stay updated on our progress, please provide your email:
P.S. Do you know any people of color with a tech / engineering background who may be interested in partnering on this project (to create a retail space for POC-owned brands)?
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