The Beagle's Path
Use the webmap on the Beagle's Path ( to answer the following series of questions regarding Darwin's involvement in the formation of his theory on evolution and natural selection.
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What did Darwin See?
>Click the map URL link above to open the map. >Click the button, Bookmarks. Select the option, Begins and Ends. ? How long was he on this trip? (Hint: Click the start and end points of his journey.) *
>Click the button, Measure. Measure the distance that Darwin covered over this journey. *
>Turn off journal highlights and turn on the biomes. ?Considering the path of the Beagle, what types of bioregions was Darwin exposed to on his trips? Click the land along the shore. *
How does plankton demonstrate natural selection? – An early observation dealt with the species that Darwin caught while trying out a new plankton net.
>Click the button, Bookmarks. Select Plankton Diversity. Click the map pin. ? What do you notice about the life that inhabits the top few meters of much of the world’s ocean? *
>Zoom out and then click the marker near England.? Which of Darwin's statements of natural selection are supported by this picture? *
How did extinct species inform natural selection theories?
? Lyell was well known before Darwin; he championed the idea that species were immutable. What evidence helped Darwin refute this? *
? How did these extinct species help Darwin shape Lamarck’s ideas into his theory?
? How did seashells prove Lyell’s theory of slowly changing continents?
What role did the tortoise play in forming Darwin’s theory?
>Click the button, Bookmarks. select the option, Galapagos Tortoises. >Click the Selected Journal points around this area.? What animal started Darwin thinking about species diverging into separate lineages? *
? What did the governor say to point this out? *
How does observation shape theory formation?
> Explore the Selected Journal Highlights to find how other experiences supported Darwin's theory ? What experiences helped Darwin see what so many others did not? *
? What helps sharpen your mind for cross-checking explanations on how things work? *
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